AT&T Continues Partnership to Teach South Dakota Native American Students Coding

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., April 8, 2019 – AT&T announced a $5,000 contribution to Code Bootcamp School this week to support several gaming camps around the state. The Sioux Falls program reaches Native American students to teach them coding skills by learning to build video games. AT&T has supported Code Bootcamp School with $33,000 since 2016.

The program, led by William Bushee, the Executive Director of Code Bootcamp School, recognizes coding is the language of the future.  Learning to code will give students the tools needed to compete in a global, digital marketplace. 

“AT&T is a big supporter of programs like these that focus on STEM education, especially in our Native American communities. Code Bootcamp School is a program that not only feeds the intellectual curiosity of our kids to learn critical computer coding skills, but will undoubtedly feed the future of our workforce and tech economy,” said Cheryl Riley, president, AT&T Northern Plains.

This year several boot camps will be held in areas that serve Native American communities in an effort to bolster students’ critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, confidence and self-esteem.

“We are excited to continue teaching kids these important computer skills in a fun and challenging way,” said the program founder William Bushee. “We appreciate AT&T’s commitment and contribution which enables us to reach students in far corners of the state.”


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