Why choose Gaming Bootcamp?

Gaming Bootcamp is the premier technology camp for kids in the Sioux Falls area. We believe kids should use technology to build and create, not just entertain. That's why we teach kids to develop video games through our camps and clubs.


Kids learn to build platform, 8-direction, physics, and top-down shooter games. They bring their own designs, creativity, and characters to each game.


We are not playing video games. We are building video games. Kids will learn about physics engines, bounce angles, motion, artificial intelligence, and gameplay.


This isn't some boring computer lecture. This is a camp designed to engage with kids while learning the fundamentals of programming. We have to kick kids out when it's over.

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Josh Stroschein

Josh Stroschein


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What games do we create?

We change our games all of the time, here is a short list of
different games we have built in past camps.
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Bad Birds

Bad Birds

(aka Angry Birds)

Who doesn't like Angry Birds? Our version will teach kids about physics, gravity, and the value of launching poop. Everyone will add their own modifications to the cannon, ammo, and a target tower.

Doodle Drop

Doodle Drop

(With kid's doodles)

Replication of the iconic Doodle Jump but our version will have custom doodles from the students.



(Two player version)

Build a tank game using either car or 8-direction behavior but avoid shooting yourself when the bullets wrap. In part two, we'll create a two-player version to double the fun.

Floppy Man

Floppy Man

(Defy physics)

This game was modeled from a game called "Don't Fall", where two floppy guys fight each other on a platform. We're going to create a "Don't Drown" version where your floppy guy falls and tumbles.

Tower Defence

Tower Defence

(With Artificial Intelligence)

Our version uses some artificial intelligence to plot a path for our tanks through a maze. Kids will learn how to program a tank to run automatically while blowing it up with missiles.


We love to share our kid's stories and other projects we host. Read all about them on within our blog section.

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