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What is Virtual Coding Club?

Covid-19 changed everything almost overnight. Before the March 13 school shutdown, we ran multiple coding clubs at middle schools around Sioux Falls and employed multiple instructors. And now…none.

As soon as the school closers were announced, we scrambled into action to figure out how we take our classroom curriculum and virtualize it in a way that we could continue to teach kids during this school hiatus.

And we have heard from many parents that they are struggling with keeping their kids occupied during this self-isolation time.

We have a plan. And here it is.

Until school resumes, we are going to run virtual coding clubs using an on-line curriculum, webcams, Zoom meetings, and our dedicated teachers. We will be providing kids with at least 6-hours per week of self-directed curriculum AND an additional three 45-minute virtual face-to-face time with our teachers to help answer questions and explore the kid’s creativity.

Will this work? We don’t know. But, we’re not doing anything right now and we’ve heard that you are not either. Let’s try it and find out.

How much and why are you charging?

That was actually the most difficult challenge for this project. We are going to charge $65 every two weeks and we have enough curriculum to last months, if needed. Once schools get back in sessions, we will likely switch our efforts to in-person clubs again.

This project is run through Code Bootcamp School, a local nonprofit. Code Bootcamp School is donating ALL of their curricula to this project, a ton of time to virtualize the curriculum, and the $65 payment is going to pay our instructors, who are currently out of work themselves.

If you have multiple kids, we are going to offer a family ticket for $100.

What Do My Kids Need?

Your kids will need to have some technology to participate. And unfortunately, because of the circumstances, we are not able to provide these items for kids.

  • A broadband internet connection (Midco or CenturyLink or similar)
  • A desktop computer, laptop or Chromebook, but cannot be a Sioux Falls School provided Chromebook.
  • A built-in or external Webcam (most laptops have webcams)
  • A computer headset with a microphone
  • A student who wants to learn to build video games, not just play video games.

No experience is necessary.

When are we starting?

We have been working all week to get everything prepared to launch immediately. We want to offer this club as soon as possible to help as many kids in Sioux Falls as we can.

We are ready to start on Monday, March 23rd and will continue to add new groups of kids as they are signed up.

(Please bear with us as we may have some initial rough patches given the circumstances.)

Are you ready? Let’s do this Sioux Falls

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